The Art of Exceptional Living

Back in April, Michael Niblack introduced me to Jim Rohn‘s book, The Art of Exceptional Living. He shared the audio book with me – Jim’s got a great speaking voice and is fun to listen to. Lots of great stuff in here; it’s something I’m encouraging my kids to listen to.

I’ve been thinking it’d be nice to outline some of the major sections of the book for my own reference, and since I just listened to the book again today, while the material is still fresh in my mind, now’s the time.

Three treasures to leave behind

  1. Your pictures
  2. Your library
  3. Your journals

Four major lessons of life

Life and business are like the changing seasons. You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself.

  1. Learn how to handle the winters. They come right after the fall, with regularity.
  2. Learn how to take advantage of the spring. Spring is opportunity, and it follows winter.
  3. Learn how to nourish and protect your crops all summer. All good will be attacked.
  4. Learn to reap in the fall without complaint/apology. Take full responsibility for your life.

Five abilities

  1. Ability to absorb (get from the day; be present).
  2. Ability to respond. Let life touch you (I recommend Brene Brown to raise your emotional IQ).
  3. Ability to reflect (over your notes, on your day, your week, your month, your year).
  4. Ability to act. When the idea is hot, when the emotion is strong, action immediate.
  5. Ability to share. Empty your cup and your cup will grow.

Thanks, Michael!

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