Coronavirus – what can I do?

The old and compromised have their lives at stake. But what about the rest of us? I’ve been thinking a lot about what my strategy should be – what can I do?

Consider the worst case scenario, something like what Italy is experiencing as I write this. Our hospitals become overwhelmed with people coming in because they are having difficulty breathing. As more and more resources are dedicated to helping these people, less resources are available for everyday health needs, such as pregnancies, work injuries, etc.

The curve below illustrates best and worst case scenarios:


By slowing the spread of the disease, we can help ensure our healthcare system doesn’t become overwhelmed. This is systems thinking in action – what’s good for my community is good for me. If we all think, “What can I do to flatten the curve,” we can get through this together with minimal damage.

So… What can I do? I’m following the CDC guidelines, washing my hands regularly, trying to avoid touching my face, and cancelling trips to events where I’d be in close proximity to lots of other people – concerts, conferences, etc. I’m not going to the gym, but I’m going to keep paying those fees because those folks need to make it through this too.

And yes I’m doing this before I hear that the virus is spreading through my community, because the time to act is now.


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