Some beliefs

I’ve been paying attention to politics a lot lately, trying to understand how we got to such a polarized place. As a citizen of a republic, and one who wants to keep it, I think about what I can do personally to make a difference. This morning I started thinking about some fundamental beliefs that I’ve come to over the years. I thought it would be good to write some of them down.

I believe that people, given the opportunity to do meaningful work, in a system that helps them do it well, will do their best. Broken systems lead to demotivation and malaise.

I believe that people are wired for connection, and that cooperating with each other is in our nature.

I believe that if someone isn’t winning, at some point they’ll stop playing the game.

I believe that government should cooperate with industry with an aim of everybody wins.

I believe that a free press is a critical check on government and industry, and its aim must be to contribute to the common good. Pandering to a selected audience for short term profits is a debilitating disease.

I believe that people have more in common than they are lead to believe by the media.

There’s more, and I’m sure I’ll expand this list, but this is what’s top of mind for me right now.

One thought on “Some beliefs

  1. Seems extremely reasonable. Sadly reasonableness is not on the main menu where people are currently herded to become more informed. Spot on comment about the ‘debilitating disease’ results.


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